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12 months

Per Adult 

Per Junior

Club Membership (All fishing categories) 

$ 45 

$ 15

Club & Game Fishing Membership (All fishing categories & Game  fishing Sanctioned Tournaments) 

$ 60 

$ 25

Family Club Membership (Total Family fee if two adults are club  members, then family juniors are free) 

$ 90** 


Family Club & Game Fishing Membership (Family fee * plus $15  association fee for each junior) 


$ 15

Joining a Territory or  Australian Fishing Association helps strengthen representation for the member club and members alike. All memberships of the  NRSFC already include a $5 fee paid on your behalf directly to the Amateur Fishing Association of the Northern Territory (AFANT).  Game Fishing Memberships also contain association fees for NTGFA and GFAA to enable anglers to claim any NT, Australian or  World Records or compete in Tournaments that are deemed “Sanctioned Events” by these various Associations.



Association Fees (unfortunately no part year discounts are available from Associations  such as AFANT, ANSA, NTGFA & GFAA and is out of the hands of the NRSFC committee) 



AFANT (Amateur Fishing Association Northern Territory is already included in all NRSFC fees) 

$ 5 

$ 5

NTGFA & GFAA (NT Game Fishing Assoc. & Game Fishing Assoc of Aust. are part of the  NRSFC Game Fishing membership fees)

$ 25 

$ 15